The first robot that can spray paint is now on the way

In the early 1980s, the world of robots was filled with endless options for roboticists, ranging from the small, compact and affordable Sprague, to the larger, complex, and expensive Pepper.

However, none of these robots was capable of the same spray paint capability as the robot from today, the robot that we know today as Sprague.

This robot is an example of the robot world moving into a world of machines, where it can spray paints, and then paint itself.

The robot is a little bit like a miniature version of the modern day paint sprayer, it is made of an aluminium housing and has a metal nozzle that can easily be driven into the paint.

The Sprague can spray over 30,000 paint colours at once, so it can paint up to 500 different colours at a time.

This is how the robot works, by pressing the button to start spraying paint, the Sprague will turn around and spray paint itself, so that it can continue spraying paint.

As it turns around, it will then switch off the sprayer to return to the previous paint colour, and when the brush is back in its original position, it can begin spraying the paint back into the housing.

It is possible to see how this works in this picture, as the paint is sprayed onto the Sprudge robot from the bottom.

The paint is then sprayed back into its housing.

The brush and paint brush have been pushed into the Sprage robot.

As the paint dries, it turns into a paintbrush, which is pushed into place, and is then pushed into position to paint a piece of paper, which turns into the paper towel dispenser.

The sprayer can then continue to spray, so as long as there is no paint in the paintbrush. 

It can spray the same colours over and over, and in fact, the only thing stopping the Sprager from spraying a different colour at a moment’s notice is that the paint can not dry, so the paint will get damaged when it dries.

This means that if the paint gets wet, it could get a little muddy.

Sprague is now in the process of being rebranded and re-purposed as a spray booth to be used for spray painting, and to be more suitable for the use of the world’s largest paint dispenser in a room.

If you’re a robot enthusiast and you haven’t seen this Sprague before, it’s worth checking out.

This machine is currently only available in China, but the company is looking to expand into the US and Europe. 

Source: New Scientist