When you can’t be here, do it on the internet

When you think of a ‘dunk’, you probably think of the ones you do at home.

But, a new craze has emerged in the country, with booths for all kinds of activities, from karaoke to surfing.

The popular ‘Dunking Booth’ in New South Wales, Victoria’s capital, has attracted thousands of visitors to use it as a temporary home away from home for parties and weddings.

“We’re just trying to help people relax and have fun,” said Katie Kippen, the event organiser.

Katie Kippens a volunteer at the Dunking Booth event.

In Queensland, one group of friends in Melbourne’s CBD are hoping to become a virtual family.

The ‘family’ of four includes two parents, one grandparent and a son, but has an additional sibling who is in Australia.

Their friends decided to create a Dunking booth on Facebook, where the group plans to rent out their space for all sorts of activities.

“It’s all about bringing people together, to get a laugh, to meet people and share a laugh,” one of the Facebook group members, Kayleigh Brown, told

Ms Brown said her Facebook group is trying to bring more people together through Dunking, which she said has become an integral part of the Brisbane’s social scene.

“We’ve definitely had some people that have come through Dunk in the past and have stayed,” she said.

She said Dunkers who want to get involved can contact her through Facebook or her local Dunking club, or by contacting her local local Dunk.

There is no word yet on how many Dunkers have already booked rooms at the Melbourne Dunking Club, but Ms Brown said she had already booked two and plans to book three.

“When I first got in the Dunk booth, I didn’t think it would last,” she laughed.

“I thought I would be here for three months.

It’s become a really strong community and we’re all so excited to have a place to stay.”