What’s the real story behind the ‘Zachary’ video?

The video that got us thinking about Zachary’s life is the video for his “Chocolate Cake,” the song on which the rapper’s name appeared on a new compilation album, Chocolate Cake by Zachary & The Machine.

“Chocolates, cake, and chocolate cake,” the video begins.

A young Zachary is seen walking to a cafe where he is eating a cake, then watching a video of himself making the cake, eating it, and then eating it again, all in the same breath.

In the background, a man appears in a red sweater.

Zachary tells the camera, “You can’t see me in that sweater,” and then asks, “Who are you?”

The camera pans to the camera in front of him, where he sees a camera phone.

It appears that he is a security guard, but he looks away and looks back at the camera before returning to the cake.

“You wanna know the real secret?”

Zachary asks, looking back at his own phone.

The camera then cuts to a young man, dressed in a white shirt and pants, talking on the phone.

He says, “I’m from a different country,” before explaining that his family’s house is located in South Korea, and he and his family are in the country to visit their grandparents.

“It’s just the way it is, and I guess we’re going to keep going, I guess.”

The man is then shown a photo of his grandparents, and Zachary, saying, “Yeah, it’s the way things are,” says, laughing.

“Just like that,” the man replies.

He then says, “[The man] is from Korea.

He’s in my family’s country.”

The camera cuts to Zachary standing with his grandparents.

The man asks Zachary about the song “Chaos,” which features his family, which Zachary replies, “It was a good song.

The music was really good.”

Zachary then says the man, “you know, I was really upset about that video, but it wasn’t that bad.

They were good at what they do.

They put me in a good position.”

The video ends.