How to fix the tooth booth problem

There are several ways to fix a tooth booth.

One of the most popular is to simply take the top off the booth.

It’s easy, but it’s the right way to go.

Here are the basic steps:1.

Remove the top.

Remove it by pressing on the tooth-bob.

The bristles are the little things that stick out of the surface.2.

Place a clean tissue or paper towel on the top and gently wipe the top of the tooth.

This should make it easier to wipe.3.

Gently wipe the surface of the top again with the paper towel.4.

Repeat until all the bristles and the paper are gone.5.

Clean the surface again with a clean toothbrush and let it dry.6.

Rinse with water and let dry completely.7.

Place the toothbrush back on top and let the toothpaste sit for at least 20 minutes before use.8.

Clean your toothbrush after every use.

It should still smell good and feel good to touch.9.

If you are having trouble getting the bristly bits out of your tooth, you may want to try a tooth brush that is pre-fitted with a toothbrush brush stand.10.

You can use toothpaste directly from a toothpaste tube.

But be sure to keep the tube clean, because the tube could leak and make the tooth paste harder to use.