‘You’re so funny’: ‘You’ve got a great heart’ – Terry Booth and his brother Terry’s love story

The Booth brothers are the centre of a story that has captivated Australia for more than three decades.

For more than 30 years, Terry and Terry Booth were Australia’s funniest couple.

Terry was a keen comedian and Terry an actor and writer, and they loved to entertain people, from the young and the old.

But for more years they lived in Brisbane, and the family was separated.

Terry’s family moved to Tasmania in the 1950s and they were reunited when Terry’s wife died.

The family’s love for each other continued, and Terry wrote a novel that became a hit and a movie, the Bachelorette.

In the late 1980s Terry Booth was invited to appear on The Simpsons, and he was so enthusiastic about it that he took the opportunity to make a guest appearance on the show.

Terry, who was originally from Queensland, went on to become a writer, television presenter and host of a children’s television series.

Terry Booth died in 2003.

Terry and Terry’s son Terry and daughter Terry died in 2010.

Terry died at the age of 78 in December.

Terry had a lifelong interest in music and art, and his friends say they were always delighted to have Terry as a member of their family.

“He was a really special person, he was the funniest man I’ve ever met in my life,” said Terry’s friend and co-writer Richard James.

“We’d just come from the pub in Queensland, and we’d sit and watch the kids play cricket together.”

His son Terry would sit on the other side of the table and be very respectful, but Terry would always laugh and go, ‘Dad, I can’t believe you did that!’

“Terry Booth was also an excellent golf player, and enjoyed driving a car.”

He was always talking about what was going to happen next, and when the show was over, Terry would walk over and hug his son Terry.

Terry made his final appearance on The Great Australian Bake Off, in 2011, and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Terry wrote a memoir in 2012, entitled The Bachelorettes: The True Story.

Terry has three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.