‘Noah Kissing’ in a booth, with Noah playing a recorder

In a new exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution, an artist uses his portable paint-making booth to record a series of intimate kisses on the side of the wall, while his girlfriend plays a recorder in the booth.

Noah Kissing, who was born in New York, was inspired to make the video by the film Noah and His Dog, in which a group of friends make a recording studio in the back of a taxi.

“I just wanted to use this as a way to share the process of making my paintings,” Noah says.

“That video had a really powerful impact, and that’s why I made it into a video.

I wanted to tell people how it was.”

Noah, who is also a filmmaker, said that recording his own kisses helped him develop a sense of what it was like to kiss someone, especially in a new medium.

“As a photographer, you’re constantly thinking about what you can capture, but it’s hard when you’re on a plane and someone you’ve just met is sitting next to you, and you don’t have the same level of intimacy with them,” he said.

“In my head, it was all the other people’s faces, but I was thinking about my own.

I thought, if you don’ have a camera, how can you do something like this?”

Noah has worked in the art and music industries since 2009, but his work has gained much attention since the release of his video in 2017.

“It’s kind of weird to be in a room where there’s so much people in front of you,” he says.

But he also realised that his work was being used by a wider audience than he could have imagined.

“When I started making my video, I realised I was doing something really, really cool,” he adds.

“People started getting involved in my videos, people were coming to my shows, they were watching my videos.

It’s really been awesome to see people use my art for good.”