Why the best of the best at graduation photo booths will be there

On a rainy Monday afternoon, a group of about 20 women in the centre of the Sydney CBD is sitting around a large white table with an assortment of wedding photo booths on it.

The group is called The Graduation Photo Booth and is a group made up of young women from all walks of life.

It is also a group with a different theme to the wedding photo booth group: the “lindies”.

The women are in the middle of a “lifestyle” photo booth campaign, which has the goal of “lending their voice to the next generation of young Australians” through a series of workshops.

They are doing workshops across Sydney for various reasons.

One of the main reasons is because the group is part of The Graduating Photo Booth, which is the group’s “life mission”.

They have been asked to write about the issues that have shaped their lives, like being a “precious young woman”, having a child or having the flu.

Their main goal is to change attitudes towards marriage, but they also want to “challenge the assumptions of those who do not want to change”.

While there is a “lot of love” for the group, it is not all love.

“Some of us are really excited about our wedding day and we know it can be stressful at the start, but we are just trying to make it as simple as possible and give it everything we have,” one of the women said.

You can also join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

In the photos below, you can see a young couple enjoying the sun and being greeted by their new groom at a wedding reception.

A group of “Lindies” are holding up the photo booths at a reception for a young woman.

When asked what she liked most about the photo booth project, one of those “Linders” said: “It gives us a chance to be really creative with what we’re wearing and how we’re looking.”

The photos below show a young bride posing in her wedding gown.

Another young bride is wearing her wedding dress in a wedding photo workshop.

And one of these “Ladies” is wearing a wedding dress with the tag line: “I’m so happy to be alive.

It’s a beautiful day”.

It’s a day to be happy, but what is this photo booth about?

It seems to be a hobby group for young people, and I wonder what they do to earn money for it?

Is it about creating “faux glamour” or is it about being happy and having fun?

And is it all about making money or are they just there to make a bit of money?

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