How does your favorite game get its logo? We found out!

In the past, game companies have often put their logo in game files to make sure that the game is compatible with older hardware.

This was a huge advantage for the likes of Borderlands, which came out in 2005.

But the problem with that was that the files were often huge and could take a lot of time to download.

That’s when Valve decided to make their own version of a logo in a custom font called a tilde, which is similar to the ASCII art used for the character ‘x’.

The tilde logo was a bit of a hit.

The tildes were popular because they were easy to use and, as we found out, they work with almost all the games we tested.

Valve’s logo in-game in the latest version of Portal 2.

The Valve logo is very different from the one used in the original game.

The new logo is also very different than the one you see on the Portal 2 trailer.

You can see it in the image below, where the two halves are the same and it looks more like a cross.

You also get a slight curve on the top half, so that’s probably how it’ll look in-engine.

The first logo Valve did for the Portal series.

Valve didn’t like the look of the new logo, so they made a new one.

You’ll notice that Valve’s new logo uses the same font and logo colors as the original logo.

You may have noticed that the logo has been updated.

The big, black rectangle is the tilde.

We were able to see this because we were able see the logo in our Unity 3D scene.

Valve has also tweaked the fonts on the logo to match their Unity versions.

You should also notice that the letters in the name have been changed to letters.

This makes it more clear how Valve is using the tilders, and what their intended message is.

We’ve already seen this happen with Portal 2, so it should be easy to understand why Valve is trying to make the logo as similar to that of the original.

In our case, we were playing as the player named Gordon Freeman.

You’ve seen the logo above and now you can see what it looks like inside the game.

You might have noticed a few things that have changed.

First, you’ll notice the tighs are smaller.

They’re actually a bit smaller than they were in the game, but it doesn’t matter because the new design is exactly the same.

Valve is also changing the colors.

Valve decided that the tiling and the font should be similar.

The letters are also now a bit darker.

You don’t have to worry about seeing any color changes, though.

Valve chose to use the same fonts for the letters as the font itself, so you won’t see any differences between the two.

The only change that Valve has made is the font.

Valve now uses the new font for the logo.

The word ‘Portal’ is now shown with a new, smaller, tilde in the top right.

Valve also made a few other tweaks to the game’s code to make it easier to play.

You won’t notice any changes in-between levels, but the new code will make sure the player will always get the “good” ending.

The code also allows you to pause the game and resume it from the beginning.

The developer also added an in-line help screen for people who want to learn more about Valve’s work.

As you can imagine, these are not all the changes made to the logo, but they’re the major ones that we noticed.

They look pretty nice and it definitely looks like a nice tribute to the original Portal.

We also like that Valve is making this change in-house, so there’s no need to use someone else’s work for their logo.

If you’d like to know more about the changes, check out the full Valve website for more information.