PAxton booth at Airbrush booth is a must-see

The airbrush was a big part of Pam Parker’s show at the Airbrush Booth at The Washington DC Museum, and she was here this weekend for the Airbrushes booth. 

Parker was joined by her husband, comedian Paxton, for a special look at the booth and it was the highlight of the day for both the booth’s attendees and Parker herself.

Parker, who is a big fan of airbrushing, had a lot of fun with the airbrush and made a few appearances during the booth show.

It was also interesting to see how the airbrushes are used, Parker said.

The airbrush booth is located in the exhibition hall at the museum.

Parker and Paxton took a trip down to the Museum’s basement last year, where they worked on an interactive book with a special focus on the air brushes.

Parker and Paxtons are the founders of the website

The book was the work of Paxton and Parker, who collaborated on the book, and it tells the story of the history of the air brush.

I love the fact that I can just kind of just see the air brushing in my own backyard and go, ‘Oh wow, it’s really cool that you guys are interested in airbrushed stuff,’ Parker said, laughing.

We’ve had this really amazing opportunity to show that airbrUSH can be fun and art, and this is the only place where people can go and experience that.