How to get into the game of life: Ladies, gentlemen and kiss booth three

The league has begun offering women a chance to try out the game called “ladies,” and the goal is to find a “lad” to play against.

The league is calling the women’s game “ladder,” in part to help them “catch up on the season’s storylines” and “get into the groove of the game.”

The league will have a booth in the main concourse at Consol Energy Center in Kansas City, Kan., to give away free “ladys” as prizes for the winning player.

The goal is for the “lad ladies” to get to the next level, with a game next year and a more traditional, league-owned venue.

The goal is also to build “a real fan base,” league spokesman Steve West said.

“And we want to be able to continue to grow the sport in this state and to be successful.”

A first-time entry to the game is $50.

The prize money is a percentage of the prize money won.

The men’s game will have the same rules, but the prize is $100.