10 things to know about Danielle Booth’s upcoming film, ‘A Dog Called Selma’

Danielle Booth is making her directorial debut with her latest film, A Dog Called …


Booth is a member of the cast of the movie, which stars the Oscar-nominated actress as the voice of a black woman who is accused of being the killer of the Civil War’s greatest slaveholder, Andrew Jackson.

“I have so much to learn about race, but I’m going to start learning from this movie,” Booth told The Hollywood Reporter in an exclusive interview.

Booth and her co-star, Emma Booth, are repped by ICM Partners.

She is the first African American woman to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar.

“There’s so much room for me to expand on my own personal story, to be the one to tell my own story and also to explore what it means to be black in America,” Booth said.

Booth said her character, Selma, is “the perfect person to explore this story in the way that it relates to a lot of other stories in our country.”

Booth, 34, began writing the film in January, just as the release date for Selma was being announced.

It is scheduled for release on Oct. 7.

Booth has been in the public eye for her roles in the film Selma: City of Ghosts and Selma.

She also wrote and produced the feature film A Dog Named Selma and a television series.

Booth was nominated for an Academy Award for her work on Selma for director James Baldwin and screenwriter Paul Schrader, who is producing the film with her husband, Paul Scheer.

She recently completed filming the film, and has not yet had any work done.

Booth, who has not been shy about her personal views on race, recently said, “I am absolutely not racist.

I am proud to be a person who is also black.

I love people of all races, all backgrounds, all religions.

I think all people are made in the image of God.”

Booth and Scheer recently discussed her role on Selama.

“The fact that she has been so kind to me is a wonderful testament to the work that has been done by her in supporting us,” Scheer said in a statement.

Booth also told THR that her work with Selma is “a gift” and that she plans to make more films, which she described as “a kind of mini-sketch of the life that she lived, how she lived her life.”

“I’m excited to be part of this story,” Booth added.

“It’s a story about so many people.”

Booth is repped via WME.

Scheer is also repped through his company, Gersh.

Booth’s most recent film, Love, is now in theaters.