Which NBA teams should you root for this season?

If you want to root for your favorite team this season, you can find some good teams at the Basket of the Future, the NBA’s version of the Bicentennial Celebration in Washington, D.C. The league is also running a series of events on Twitter to celebrate its 30th anniversary this season.

This is the BNT, in case you were wondering.

The event will feature three games this season: the Brooklyn Nets at the Washington Wizards, the Orlando Magic at the Philadelphia 76ers and the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Brooklyn Cavaliers.

The NBA also has a new logo that will be available on the BTS website.

It’s an all-red logo that makes the BNBA a little more visually appealing, and is inspired by the team colors used in the D.V. Brown riots of 1967, when the NBA played host to a basketball riot.

The logos for the Orlando and Philadelphia games will feature the names of the teams, as well as the date of their games, but the teams will also feature the logo of the DVS (District of Columbia Uniforms) for those in attendance.

So if you live in either city, you’ll be able to get a little nostalgic this season with a little bit of history.

The BTS will be celebrating its 30-year anniversary this fall.