‘Dirty Jobs’ co-stars as a ‘dirty’ job in Ireland

A ‘Dirt Jobs’ character from the Irish indie film ‘Doorway to Hell’ is now a full-time ‘working mum’ in Dublin, working at a paint booth in her back yard, the film’s creators have revealed. Dario Cacacella, whose name is featured on the poster for ‘Doolings’, will be the mother of the film which will be released in Ireland in May.

She is joined by her partner in crime, the actor Patrick MacLachlan, who plays a “dirty” workman.

The film, which has been in post-production for two years, will be made in Ireland, and is co-produced by Dublin-based company Kink and Dublin-born filmmaker Michael MacKenzie.

Kink co-founder Ian Meehan said the film is a “true family story” and the Irish director is “one of the nicest, most honest, genuine people I’ve ever met”. Irish film critic John Lydon said the duo “have worked really hard and done some really amazing work”.

He said “dirty jobs” was an “original” Irish film and that “it’s an interesting, beautiful, interesting time for Irish cinema”. Irish cinema critic, John Lythgoe, said the Irish film industry was “very exciting”.!/JohnLythgoes/status/8965273735706856 Irish cinema critics said “Doolies” was a “pretty good” film, with “it takes place in the middle of the industrial revolution”, “its not about the industrialisation, its about the changing social structures”.

Irish Independent Film Festival Irish Independent film critic, J.M.H. McIlhenny, said “it looks like the future of Irish cinema” with “a good deal of real-world humour and lots of good performances”. Irish Independent cinema critic and former director of the Independent Irish Independent, JMM McIlheaney, said his “very happy to be part of a big, ambitious Irish indie movie”.

He said the story was “quite good” with good performances and a “really funny” ending.

http, Irish Independent movie critic and director of ‘The Black Widow’, Michael MacKean, said it was “a really funny, entertaining, good-looking movie” and “a great example of a film with a really well-made, very original script”.

http, Irish Independent newspaper The Irish Times has named the film “Doorways to Hell”, and the film will be in cinemas from May.

http, Irish Independent journalist John Lyle said the trailer for the film was “so good”, “very funny, very clever”.

http Ireland Independent film reviewer, John McIlhinney, said he was “delighted to be a part of this film”.