We’ve finally got a portable soundproof speaker for home theater review

Last year, a lot of home theater enthusiasts took notice of the portable sound-dampening technology found in the Vizio Viera PX-100D.

The Vizio PX100D has a built-in speaker that can fit into a backpack, backpack-style, and is powered by an onboard USB charger.

While these portable speakers are capable of playing back audio in full 1080p, you can also pair them to a pair of headphones, which makes them ideal for portable listening.

Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with a portable audio system with the potential to make your home theater experience more intimate. 

Now, Vizio is getting closer to that point.

Today, the company announced a pair with the promise of a full HD 1080p sound quality, and they’re also packing some impressive specs: a 7-inch, 2,200 x 1,800 display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440; a 3,000mAh battery; and a 4-hour battery life.

The PX series has also got a number of bells and whistles, including a built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth connectivity.

It has a 4K screen, too.

You can also buy a separate unit for $50 that includes a USB port, headphone output, and a volume knob. 

The Vizio and Vizio AVV models also have a USB-C port, a USB Type-C connector, and an IR port.

Both units will also come with a built‑in headphone amp, a headphone jack, and speakers. 

Vizio is offering two different models, the PX110 and PX140, which will be available in two sizes. 

With the Px110, you get a 5.1-channel, Dolby Digital-level soundstage that you can pair to your home stereo or to a stereo receiver for home-theater listening.

With the P2140, the same 5.2-channel soundstage is available, but with Dolby Pro Logic-level audio output and a subwoofer built into the rear panel. 

Both models come with two 3-inch subwoofers, a dual-speaker setup, and USB connectivity.

Vizio says it’ll also add Dolby Surround sound and surround sound with Dolbys Surround technology, which it says will enhance the quality of surround sound for theater.

The speakers are also available with a 10-hour warranty. 

As for the AVV model, Vizios VP of product management, Mark Vian, said in a statement that the two models “will offer the same audio experience and will deliver a high-quality soundstage, with the same power consumption and battery life as the P200D.” 

The new PX models will be priced at $400 and $600, respectively, and Vizios will also offer a limited-edition PX1000 model, which is $1000 less expensive than the P100D but also comes with an optional built-on Bluetooth headset.

Both will ship this fall. 

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