How to make an indie game on Xbox One without spending thousands of dollars

The indie game boom has hit a snag with some publishers saying they’re no longer willing to spend thousands of dollar to get their game into a store, but some are doing just that with their own platforms.

We’ve compiled a list of indie game developers who’ve found success with the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms, and if you’re looking to expand your game into those platforms, you can’t do it without a lot of work.

There are plenty of indie developers out there, and we’ve found that the Xbox 360 and PC platforms are the best platforms for most of them.

We’ll keep updating this list with the most recent news on upcoming indie games, but for now, we’ve collected a list that we think should help you make the most out of the Xbox Ones and Windows machines.

You can check out the full list below, but we’ll be adding more titles as they become available.