Baylor women’s basketball players walk off court to applause

The Baylor women are celebrating another victory.

The Bears defeated Baylor State on Friday night, and now the program has its second straight Big 12 championship.

The victory caps a season that began with the team’s worst season since 2002.

They also have the worst record in the conference and the lowest total wins since 2003.

They are a team that was known for its toughness.

But now, they have a chance to show off their true talent.

Here’s what we know so far: Baylor’s Bryce Cotton had 26 points and 13 rebounds for the Bears.

The freshman also had 12 points and five assists.

The Bearcats were down to 11 players and just three starters for the game, which was played in the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The first half was a battle for a rebound in the closing seconds of the game.

Then, in the third quarter, Cotton grabbed a rebound, spun it and nailed a layup that put the Bears ahead for good.

The final score was 24-22.

After a Baylor team that won’t be as dominant as it was in years past, the Bears will look to build on their recent success.

It is the Bears second consecutive Big 12 title and the fifth straight in program history.

“We had a lot of heart.

We had a great spirit.

We knew it was going to be a tough day,” Cotton said.

“I was really excited to get on the court, especially since I was playing with a lot more confidence, knowing I had a chance and a good team.” 

The Bears are looking to bounce back after losing their first five games this season.

Their season has been marred by injuries, suspensions and suspensions of head coach Matt Rhule.

They will try to win their first Big 12 tournament game in six years in Arlington.

“It was a lot harder to beat a team like Baylor than it was to beat them a team who were just getting ready for the season,” Cotton added. 

The Bearcat women have never won a Big 12 regular season title.

They have never had a winning record in their four years of competition. 

The Bears went on to lose to Texas A&M, Indiana, Baylor and Oklahoma in the NCAA tournament, but have won five of the last six games to keep their streak alive. 

This is the fifth time Baylor has won two conference titles in a row. 

They are currently tied with Texas Tech for the second-most conference titles with four.