Festival of booths in Germany sparks festival of booths

Festival of booth in Germany is being held this weekend in the city of Wurzburg, but organisers have been warned that the weather could be dangerous.

Local media reports said that a fire broke out at the festival, causing panic among attendees, while organisers were warned that there would be some fires and other safety hazards at the event.

The fire broke in about 7:00pm local time on Saturday (17:00 GMT on Sunday).

Wurzberg’s mayor, Peter Müller, told local broadcaster NDR that “there will be fires, there will be smoke, there’ll be a lot of chaos”.

“We’ve taken measures and we will take measures to prevent that,” he said.

Müller added that the city’s fire department has been monitoring the situation, but that the fire had been contained.

The city council said that “we have no plans to remove any of the stalls or remove the people from the event” and that it would be up to the local authorities to decide whether the event would go ahead.

“We are very happy to host the festival because it’s a good event, but we have to respect the local weather conditions,” Müller told the Rheinische Post newspaper.

A fire broke at a festival of booth held at a public park in WurZburg, Germany, on Sunday.