London phone booth to have new paint job by the end of the year

A new paintjob has been installed at a phone booth at London’s iconic Tower Bridge.

The new mural by artist Paul Booth is a nod to the recent spate of terrorist attacks in London and the need to “remain vigilant” following a string of attacks in the capital, according to a statement from London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Mr Booth, a resident of east London for 30 years, started working on the mural a year ago, and is one of the few muralists in the world to have painted the bridge since it opened to traffic in the 1950s.

Mr Johnson said the work was “very much part of the heritage of Tower Bridge, which we have a long history of”.

He said: “We are always on the look out for ways to enhance our bridges and make them more beautiful, to enhance the city and to protect the public.”

It’s not just a matter of the painting but of how we paint the bridge.

“The painting was completed in the last month, but was commissioned by the London Borough of Tower Hill, which owns the bridge.

Mr Cameron said the mural was an important part of his legacy, adding: “Paul Booth is the greatest of all time, a painter of fantastic quality.”

I’ve said that many times.”

The Bridge, as the great architect said, is the great monument of the human spirit.

“He’s a fantastic man and a fantastic artist.”

The mural will be unveiled on the bridge’s main arch, at the entrance to the Tower Bridge Tunnel.

The bridge has been used as a target for terror attacks in recent years, with a man attempting to climb onto the top in April this year.

The attack was the worst attack on the city’s transport system since the 1973 Munich air crash.

London Mayor Boris Johnson, left, and the new muralist Paul Booth.

The mayor also announced plans for the next phase of the reconstruction of the bridge, which will see a new entrance to be built on the eastern side of the Thames.

Mr Mayors office said the decision to have the mural painted on the east side of London Bridge was “a major symbolic move”.

It said the mayor had been in discussions with the borough and was considering the “options for the future”.