How to spot the NSA’s next big surveillance scandal

NSA surveillance scandal: The agency is still looking for a new set of targets, according to a new report from the Washington Post.

The paper, citing unnamed U.S. officials, said the NSA is looking for “a new set” of targets after the revelations of NSA spying on Associated Press journalists in 2013.

“We are still in the process of looking for new targets and we are looking for more targeted capabilities,” one official said, according, the report.

“We are not going to say when we are going to be able to find the next target.

But we are definitely going to get a new group of targets.”

The latest leak has shaken up the intelligence community, as it has many times before.

Former NSA director Keith Alexander was forced to resign in April after the Washington Times reported that he had shared classified information with a Russian official.

In the new leak, the Post reported that NSA director Michael Rogers has also had a close relationship with Russian intelligence officials.

The report also said that the NSA has been trying to recruit top-secret contractors for its next round of spying on Russia.