A new look at the inflatable kissing booth characters

A new inflatable kiss booth characters set is out.

The new attraction, called The Kiss Booth, is set in a small, white, and brightly lit booth and features four of the most popular kiss booth character types.

The first of the new characters to be featured is a cute pink rabbit with an orange tail, a red headband and a big smile.

The other three are blue rabbits, a pink bunny with a red face and a white bunny with blue eyes.

This character is known as the “little bunny.”

A red head band and a large smile are also part of the kiss booth.

These characters will be a part of an upcoming attraction called The Great Bunnies, which will be located in a larger, orange room, similar to the ones used in the Kiss Booth.

Another character, the red head, has a long, blonde beard, a white ponytail and a smile.

This character is called “the little bunny.”

The next character is a big bunny with brown fur, a large grin and a red tail.

This bunny is known to be the “big bunny.”

Another bunny has brown fur and a small smile, known as “the red head.”

This bunny is called the “red head.”

These characters are a part from The Great Bunny.

This attraction will be the latest addition to the inflatables.

The inflatable, which debuted in 2014, has been a hit at conventions.

The attraction is currently being developed by Walt Disney Imagineering.

The new attraction will open in 2019.