Recode’s Amy Schumer Interview: What she has in common with her sister, Carly, and the two’s shared passion for coding

Amy Schumer and her sister Carly have a similar style of programming, according to Schumer, who shared an exclusive interview with Recode.

When Schumer visited her sister’s booth at a coffee shop in Seattle, she found her sister sitting in a booth with her three friends, including her brother, the creator of the popular YouTube show “I Love Lucy.”

Amy Schumer said her sister would often ask the girls to code and make her videos.

Schumer said she and her sisters, including Carly, are always looking for ways to help each other out and share their experiences.

“I feel like they share a really deep and rich sense of community, and I think they both really enjoy learning,” Schumer said.

The Schumer sisters first met when they were 14 and were in the seventh grade, according To Recode, who reported the interview.

Schumer and Carly started a coding competition and the sisters have a long-standing friendship.

“They are super cool and are super smart,” Schumer told Recode on Wednesday.

“When we would sit down, we’d talk about the different parts of the world and the different cultures and they were super funny.”

She added that she and Carly were also good friends with other teens.

“We had a lot of fun, and we did lots of coding, and then we would go to Starbucks and we would play some games together,” Schumer continued.

“And then we’d go to the movies and have a good time.”

She also said she enjoys making videos and that she has a “kind of nerd” side to her.

“That’s something I really enjoy, so I try to be very aware of that,” Schumer joked.

The two have shared their love for coding.

Schumer told the site she has always wanted to be a programmer.

“So I’m super excited to be able to start my own company,” Schumer laughed.

“It’s kind of a huge step for me, because I’m an aspiring entrepreneur, so it’s something that I want to get out there and show people.

It’s not a question of if, but when.”

Schumer is one of several celebrities to speak out about coding and the rise of “the next big thing,” including comedian Chris Hardwick, who recently launched his own coding bootcamp.