What happens when you start a business in India?

A startup in the capital, Mumbai, is now one of the most successful companies in the country.

This week, the company, Ambion, acquired the digital platform, Indiegogo, which provides funding for entrepreneurs in India.

Ambion had raised about $1.5 billion in seed funding in 2017.

The platform allows anyone to set up a small business and grow their business.

Indiegogogo is a crowdfunding platform.

The founders had raised over $6 million in funding from private investors.

Now, they are expanding their business with a platform to help start-ups get the capital they need to grow their businesses.

Ambisonia, which stands for the company’s Indian acronym, has more than 25,000 users and was founded in 2012.

It was the second most popular website in India after Flipkart.

The team says they have grown their business by almost 10 times in just three years.

Ambition India says the company has raised more than $2 billion in capital.

The startup has been incubating since 2014.

“It has been a very challenging time for us as a startup and as a team,” said Ambion chief executive Ankit Ghosh.

“Our investors are very supportive.

We are a very young company and we have to learn from the experience and move forward.”

Ghosh said they had raised around $5 million in private capital.

He added that the company is still in the process of building out their platform and launching their products.

“The platform is not yet ready,” said Ghosh, adding that they plan to launch a new product within the next two months.

Ambiance is one of India’s largest online retail brands, which offers everything from apparel and cosmetics to toys and housewares.

The company has more 100,000 registered users, which means they have a significant customer base.

Ghosh added that they are in the early stages of developing their product line.

“We are building a team to make the product available as quickly as possible,” he said.

Ambions founder Ankit Goyal had earlier said that they have launched a mobile app, but that it was not ready for launch yet.

In December 2016, he said that the app was in a “testing phase” and would be launched in the next six months.

The app is designed to help merchants build a strong relationship with customers.

“If you are interested in getting in touch with us, you can use the contact form,” said the Ambion website.

“I would love to know if you are looking for a business partner,” said one user.

A year ago, Ambiance had launched a product called a “micro-blogging platform.”

The app was a mobile application that allowed users to post short messages and photos to promote products or other products they sell.

It has grown in popularity in the past two years.