Former GOP candidate Phil Booth on Trump’s firing of FBI Director, Comey memo: ‘It is very sad’

Former House Speaker Phil Booth is calling for the firing of Director of the FBI, Rod Rosenstein, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Booth told Fox News on Sunday that he was “very upset” by Trump’s decision to fire Comey and the memo.

“It is a very sad day in Washington,” Booth said.

“It is really sad that the president fired the director of the United States Bureau of Investigation, who had been doing the very work that was needed, not to mention keeping the American people safe.

It is sad that Attorney General Sessions is going to have to go on the witness stand to answer for what he did.”

He continued, “It was his job to investigate Hillary Clinton and to make sure that Donald Trump would not be president of the world.

And it was his responsibility to ensure that the FBI was doing the right thing, and that the justice department was doing its job.

And if that’s the end of the story, it’s sad because it was the right decision.”

Booth’s remarks came after a White House statement from the White House Press Secretary said Trump had fired Rosenstein.

“We believe that the Department of Justice and Director Rosenstein have made the right call,” the statement said.

It’s unclear what impact Rosenstein’s firing would have on the Russia investigation.

Boomer, who also served as the vice chair of the House Oversight Committee, also said that Sessions should resign.

“I think Sessions should step down immediately, he should be investigated and he should have resigned, not remain in the position,” Booth told Fox.

Booer said that it’s “very sad” that Sessions will be “part of the obstruction of justice case” and that he believes the Justice Department needs to be reined in.

“There’s no question about it, they’re trying to get rid of the guy, he’s trying to do it, but it’s very sad that they’re going to be part of that case,” Booth added.

“The Department of Education, the Department [of Justice] and the Department, if you’re going in and trying to block an investigation, I think that you should resign.”