When did it happen? –

A little-known event in the history of Italy’s national football team is becoming one of the most famous moments in Italian football history.

In June 1996, a group of 20 players, led by former Serie A club Juventus’ Diego Maradona, met with then-Juventus coach Cesare Prandelli in Rome to discuss a transfer.

They agreed a fee of €1.5m, with the money split between Juventus and the player, but it never happened.

On Wednesday, the players’ families will be handed the final cheque.

The final payment was made in November 1995, but Maradonna’s lawyers claim it was not due until February 16, 1996.

Juventus had just qualified for the Champions League, but the move had never gone through.

It was an unusual move by Prandell and Juventus, but not unheard of.

He had just finished a season at Udinese with a second place finish.

He had been fired in February after only five games, and it was clear he would not be given another chance.

Juve had lost six of the previous nine Serie A games to Real Madrid.

They had lost four of the six games they had played to Juventus.

Juventino has the highest goal-scoring ratio in Serie A history, but only three goals are scored in Italy’s four-game winless run in the Champions’ League.

That season he scored 30 goals in 38 games, with 11 goals in 19 games for Napoli.

He would also score in the final against Juventus, and also in the Serie A final in 2000 against Udinese.

However, Juventus would win 4-0, and the club would win the Champions Cup that year, but Prandella’s contract was not renewed.

The move was a huge coup for Juventus, who had already been struggling with financial issues, and they took a big risk by signing Maradella, who would go on to score 20 goals in 37 games for the club.

He was a world-class striker who scored at a rate of one every 20 minutes in Italy for the next two decades.

He won the Golden Boot award with Juventus, with 20 goals, the second most of any player in European history.

His greatest goalscorer was Alessandro Nesta, who scored 16 goals in his only season in Serie B.