When John Wilkes Booth was a singer: ‘He could be my idol’

When John Williams was a musician, his life was filled with excitement, danger, and fame.

For the young, impressionable, and young at heart, Williams was “my idol,” his family told PEOPLE.

In a statement, his family said Williams’ life “was full of excitement, excitement and adventure.”

His father, Billy, died in 2000 at the age of 77, leaving his wife and two children, all of whom were musicians.

Billy Williams’ first wife, Marjorie, died of cancer in 2009, leaving him with a daughter, Stephanie.

“John was always the first to say ‘thank you,'” Stephanie Williams told PEOPLE in 2009.

“I would love to go to every show and just say ‘I love you.'”

But there was one thing Williams didn’t want to do: be a singer.

“It was like being a carpenter and all of the sudden, you can’t do it,” Williams said in 2010.

For his life, Williams’ passion was music. “

That was just a dream that I had.”

For his life, Williams’ passion was music.

“He could get into a room and sing for three hours,” his brother, David Williams, said in 2009 at the time of his brother’s death.

“And he would go home and sing all day.”

It wasn’t until after his death in 2011 that Williams’ music became his life.

“The last thing he wanted to do was to have to play guitar,” David Williams said.

“He was just into the music, man.” “

But then I think, ‘Well, what do you want to be?'”

“He was just into the music, man.”

In 2009, Williams and his family wrote a song for John Wilke Booth that was recorded by the late singer and songwriter.

The song, titled “John Wilkes Bop,” became a fan favorite and a rallying cry for Williams’ fellow musicians and fans alike.

It was also a tribute to Williams’ family and friends.

“They were always there for me,” he told PEOPLE last year.

“We didn’t just sit at home.

We were always around.”

And they were always by his side.

“Every day I would go up to the stage and listen to the show, and the only thing I would notice was John’s guitar,” he said.

But the family’s family said it was John who had the biggest influence on their son.

“Everyone was always telling me how much John would love his music,” David Wilkes told PEOPLE during an interview for the film “John Williams: The Next Generation” last year, adding that Williams was the only person he had ever wanted to see grow up.

“One of the things that was really important to John was the idea of making sure he didn’t ever go through that.

John wanted to be a musician.

And John wanted a musician to make him happy.”

“When I look back, John is one of the greatest singers that I know of,” Stephanie Williams said last year in an interview with PEOPLE.

“His legacy is that he really made the world a better place.

He was always a huge advocate for kids and the poor.

I know that’s something that John is so proud of.”

The family of the late John Williams told the magazine that Williams died in 2010 of cancer.

His family has not released an official statement, but Williams’ son, David Wilkins, told PEOPLE that his father “never gave up on music.”

“John loved the music of his dad, and he always loved to play,” David said.