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   With this website, I hope to corner the market in a way those before have not done so. Today’s youth, “The Millennials” need a certain type of interaction, A Certain type of attention and care for their needs. most of them over indulgent of their own wants and need, the culture calls them “hype-beast.” Most of them not all because of circumstance have to have them all or just want to have them all!!! Here at Awholelotofshyt, we call them Pokemon trainers because everything that the “millennial” ACQUIRES is a COLLECTIBLE piece to their own fashion sense. With this site, I aim to drive them, navigate them to such appropriated destination with the provide links of your service. I only want to offer the latest and newest choices for the consumer to the provider.

     Also, I plan to advertise the site “” and its objective through the funnel of a You-Tube channel market targeting the appropriate age categories. Please be sure to check out the youtube channel “Lil PieRips World.”

     Lil PieRip’s Celebrity Media, Tops, Fashions, Highlights & Updates. Visit Lil PieRip’s World where I cover the latest in “The Culture” of Hip-hop, Sports, Entertainment, Politics & More; giving an educated understanding which most of the time will be an opinionated review from the perspective of a young black American graduating through urban-development. Although this is comedic satire the message behind the voice should be taken very seriously. Lil PieRip and all parties involved are not looking to destroy anyone’s perspective of prior educated thought or anyone’s reputation or further business arrangements. Using all images or visual backgrounds for said videos are only for criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder. The doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim or viewed for such purposes.

    “The culture” of hip-hop As A fashion Statement, Expression, sense; Influences the way the clothes are worn in everyday street wear, casual wear, even in the new current formal look. ATHLETES even influence this IMPEDIMENT on SOCIETIES youth with their SIGNATURE shoes and jersey APPAREL. Every way that you dress is an expression of feeling. An expression that can be taken on by your own personality and can influence others. here at, we aim to direct you, better yet NAVIGATE you in the direction of your very next purchase to BROADEN your fashion expedition. “THe Culture” is about being creative, and doing something new, bring something new to the table and put your own mark in history with your own creativity. Here at, we hope to guide you in that creativity!!!!! Don’t be a “Culture vulture,” We have a selection of sugar honey ice t to always capture your INDIVIDUALITY. “Culture Vulture”- Is a person who stills swagger from “the culture” to APPROPRIATE, give power, essence, sense to one’s being.